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Drive people's talent for better efficiency and productivity

Atta helps you to solve your business challenges with


Our game provides unexpected goals, feedback and recognition producing super-engagement


The coach encourages and engages with players helping them develop their skills.

story telling

Capture players’ attention and creates stronger emotional bonds with the brand
Our Products

An ATTA GAME is a packaged solution specifically designed to solve a business need. We have products in four different categories.


With increasing population of millennials and high turn-over it’s a lot tougher to improve sales. We adress issues like motivation, onboarding, communication or disengagement to improve agents performance.


Long-term success of organization's strategy depends on their ability to develop new ideas. Atta makes people break out of the mold, see their world in new and fresh ways, and have the courage to try something new.

Soft skills

Work ethic, attitude, emotional intelligence and a whole host of personal attributes are crucial for success at workplace. Atta helps organisations to focus as much on soft skills training and development as on hard skills.


We improve the learning experience by empowering, motivating and engaging students to learn in collaboration, at their own path, in and out of the classroom, using games and mobile technologies.


We reinvent the way organizations develop people's talent.

Atta is the innovative gamification solution, for you who know that your company performance directly depends on your employees. We help your organisation by empowering people, driving talent for better productivity and efficiency.

Unlike classical training processes or gamification tools based on individual competition and rewards, our solution makes people engage into their activities at work for its own sake, because it is interesting and enjoyable in itself, while developing, in a sustainable way, the culture that produces highest performance companies.

Atta app, driven by an innovative algorithm that stems from psycho-pedagogical research, combining mobile technology, psycho-pedagogical and neuro-science research, data analytics and design to create an innovative gamification solution that ensures people sustainable engagement

What makes us different

Emotional Motivation

We boost intrinsic motivation, which is authentic and self-authored, compared to extrinsic motivation merely externally imposed. It’s the kind of emotional engagement able to produce enhanced performance, persistence, and creativity


Collaboration in Atta incorporates brainstorming ideas, a strong sense of purpose and equal participation. It opens up communication and encourages ideas from all levels of the organisation not just the managers or directors


In Atta you don't need a game master defining goals and awarding prizes and badges. Our innovative algorithm automatically calculates and proposes targeted goals and provides the rewards when goals are accomplished


Easy to use, whenever you want & wherever you go. Play on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Always available on the cloud. Just define your organisation's challenges invite teams to join and the GAME STARTS!

Are you a coach?

Engage your clients using a new revolutionary approach based on gamification and collaboration.

Boost your service portfolio with Atta: offer online coaching, extend your workshops with gamified challenges and feel the power of emotional motivation.

Become our partner and make your coaching shine

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The founders

 Mercè Mulet

Mercè Mulet

CEO & Founder

Find the joy in the little things. Playing in teams is one of shuch little things that can make big changes.

 Oscar Ruiz

Oscar Ruiz

CTO & Founder

To him, working is just a fun game to play. His enthusiasm is contagious and his expertise and talent keeps boosting the team!



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